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Punches system Trumpf/Wila → Information


Punches system Trumpf/Wila for Trumpf and press brakes with clamping system Modufix.


On all other press brakes with appropriate tool system


Surface hardened 52-55 HRc

All punches system Trumpf/Wila with safety pins.

Tolerance +/- 0,02mm on all the tool working surfaces.

Surfaces are precisionally ground. Punches are marked with original code and main parameters.


Material С45 560-710 N/mm2, C45 800-850 N/mm2, 42CrMo4 900-1150HRc.


Working surfaces hardened 52-55HRc.


To order tools please give article code from catalog, length amd quantity. (for example P.100.90.CC – 2 pcs). If you want to order tools with another parameters fill them additionally. (for example P.100.920.CC – R1.0- 2pcs.)

H - 500mm, HC - sectioned 550mm

10 sections L+R horn. Delivered as one complete set

C - 835mm, CP – 415mm


Standard horn extensions for punches system Trumpf/Wila Individual horn extensions for punches system Trumpf/Wila


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