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MIOS Company | Production of the Press brake tooling, bending punches, dies, shear blades.

In this chapter you will find information about our products and technology.

All cycles of producing press brake tooling, bending punches, dies and shear blades take part inside our Company. Because of that we have a great possibility to control quality of our tooling on all production steps and a chance to increase quality every day. Experienced staff and advanced technology is the reason of short terms and high quality of our press brake tooling. Quality is very important for us so we provide modern technologies of profile grinding, hardening, marking. A good connections with our clients, gives us a great knowledge about our products and help us to make it better.

Send us information about type and model of your press brake and we will find a proper tooling from our standard production list or design a special one. Send us a drawing of the bend you want to receive and we will design a tooling and produce it in the shortest terms.

Standard types of steel we use are C45, 40H, 42CrMo4, 6HW2C and more. If you wish you can order press brake tooling from other types of steel. We have a possibility to make body hardening 28-32HRc and surface hardening 53-55HRc for press brake tooling and body hardening 55-58HRc for shear blades

All working surfaces are precision ground, other surfaces are sandblasted. All press brake tooling is marked and safety packed

We have a possibility to change construction of tools as you need, pay attention on other details and change anything in construction. Also you can send us your tooling and we will make fill regeneration or rework it as you need.

Our press brake tooling is produced as one peace or segmented with horns.
The greatest attention we pay for our quality. We start control from cutting a bar and finishing with a packing tooling.
We check in our press brake tooling: 1. Quality of material according to certificates. 2. Surface hardening with point hardness tester and Rokwell. 3. Defectoscopy after cutting and hardening. 4. Dimension control according to drawings and tolerance. 5. Visual and dimension control of tolling on the special machine.

Workers and controller during production process are marking tools with original number and fill special quality tables, information from them is checked during final control. Thanks to such system we know everything about quality of our tooling and have a possibility to control every step.

That’s why we can guarantee that our tooling is produced in general tolerance on working surfaces +/-0.02mm with hardness 52-55HRc for press brake tooling and 55-58HRc for shear blades.

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